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Editorial – October 2022

Welcome to our bumper October edition of The Heron! After the skinny one in September, it will make a nice change. Enjoy the Scarecrows… such a success, I am sure you will agree. If yours has been left out, sorry; it’s because we need a photo. Send us one and it will be in the next Heron.

Schools have been back a while and are already looking forward to Half Term! Check out the Townley page – 9. And there’s lots going on in October (p 6).

THERE’S A VERY IMORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT on Page 5. Our Winter Fundraiser will be a great success, I am certain, so get art-ing and craft-ing y’all! Should be fun.
Enjoy October – leaves turning, cosy evenings, and hot suppers come to mind (Page 18).
Annie Nason.

Annie Nason

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