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Editorial – September 2023

Welcome to our September edition. My favourite season is Autumn, and September is blooming in our area. And so many berries on the trees and bushes in our area! Beautiful.

All best wishes to the children and young people going back to school this month or to a new school …or college, or university. Exciting times. Don’t forget to talk like a Pirate on September 19th, whatever age you are (-: (p 12).

Are you new to the village? You may have noticed that we often have some noisy aeroplanes flying over Christchurch! Andy Lansdell, a resident, is very knowledgeable about these aircrafts, and is an enthusiast. He has written about some of them on p 8. He plans to do another article next month too. Thanks,

Lots of things to do this month (What’s On? P10 and Diary Dates). Have a great September, all!

Annie Nason

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