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Editorial – August 2022

Hello everyone, and welcome to the 100th edition of the New Heron! (page 17). We are very much looking forward to hearing from others who used to be involved in the production of The Heron, way before the New Heron arrived! Please do get in touch with us and tell your story.

School is out for the summer (page 16). What a term you have had! Well – what a few years, really. The Ofsted “GOOD” was a great positive, amongst all the difficult things that you had to deal with, including Covid absences. All the best from The Heron Team to the Year 6 Leavers.

Cornwall is so beautiful! Who needs Abroad when we have hot weather and beautiful beaches here? The photo for Perranporth Beach on the back cover brought back lovely memories for me of holidays there in the past. There was/is a blowhole which you used to be able to find, walking along the cliffs … is it still there now, I wonder?

Wherever you go, or even if you stay put in Christchurch this summer, have a good one. And do enter the Scarecrow Competition (page 2). Should be a blast!
Annie Nason

Annie Nason

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