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Sorry! Couldn’t resist the April Fool being about the potholes and constant road closures! Did we get you!?!
Exceptionally unfortunate news on page 3 but we have tried our best to secure help and it simply isn’t forthcoming.

There are lots of things coming up in the village. Why not join in the Yard Sale (details on Page 7) coming up on 28th April. Pitch donations are all going to a worthy cause – “Young Lives V Cancer”. We also have our annual plant sale on 11th May. This year we pray for a
nice, sunny day. It was freezing last year! We are hoping that we can rely on our trusty team of helpers again this year to make it another success. All proceeds from this go towards keeping your village magazine in production.

The first village car show of the year is just around the corner (details on Page 7) on Sunday 2 June at the Community Centre and Playing Field. I don’t know how but we always manage to “book” the nice weather for those, always a varied selection of vehicles and a good day out.

Ever fancied making your own cards? There is a cardmaking workshop being held at the Community Centre on 11 May (details on page 9).
Clive Benjamin

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