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Editorial – August 2021

Hello, and welcome to our August edition of The Heron. We have had some very hot weather lately, and a little bit of rain…so far none of the very fierce thunderstorms that have been forecast. The fields around are beginning to be ready for this year’s harvest. We have a couple of farming-related articles this month in addition to Jill Bliss’s regular contribution. Our village gardens are looking great, and summer is truly here.

There are some nice football-related comments in the magazine, and now we have the Olympic Games to spark our interest. Our team is ‘Team GB and Northern Ireland’. All the best to the athletes. If there are children in your household, why not have a go at some Back Yard Olympics this August? (Page 15).

There are some tips for parents and teens for using the time in the holidays too. (Page 8). There’s a very thought-provoking story on page 9. It’s worth reading twice. I would say.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, and stay safe everyone. And watch out for those Meteorite showers on clear nights (Stargazers, page 28).

Annie Nason

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