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May 23


Editorial – May 2023

Hello everyone! Welcome to our May 2023 magazine.

What a full month it is too! A Coronation, 3 Bank Holiday weekends, the Eurovision Song Contest.. AND The Heron Plant Sale on Saturday 13th May. Please do come along and support your village magazine.

May is the time of year that when crops in the fields and plants in the garden are getting going, and this is quite a theme that runs through this issue. His Majesty is passionate about gardening (p 27), and long-term resident in Christchurch, Graham Warby, shares some of his experiences working on the land over the years (p 14). More next month. Did you know that, in centuries gone by, Welney was famous for growing the plants which were used for making the blue dye, WOAD? (p 8).

Lots more interesting articles too …. enjoy!
Annie Nason

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