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Editorial – September 2020

Goodness me! It’s September already – can you believe it? What a difficult year 2020 has been – and will, no doubt, continue to be. As we say on the front cover this month – we send our best wishes for the new school year – to both pupils and staff of our local schools. After the difficulties of the exam results, I guess anything slightly resembling “normal” will be welcome. I love the quotes from our Homeschoolers (pages 14,15). It’s nice to see some things are getting back to a sort of normal, and we have a few more village-based articles every month. You will have noticed, I am sure, that other articles of a more general type reflect the interests of folks in our community. Please remember that we are an Editorial Team, which shouldn’t mean that we have to write everything that goes into The Heron. Do send us your articles and comments. I was disappointed not to get many Heron Sunflower pictures when I asked on Facebook but understandable, considering the winds we have had lately. Two of mine succumbed and someone on FB said hers were “having a lie down at the moment”! We would like to extend a warm welcome to people who are about to move in, or have just moved in, to Christchurch. The Heron is a great resource for local services and businesses. Keep it handy. I also find that a back copy of the magazine, when rolled up, makes a great “fly swat”. Never say The Heron doesn’t have its uses! Enjoy.

Annie Nason

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