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Editorial – October 2021

Welcome to our October Heron. I am sure you have been enjoying the sunshine this past month. I have also been enjoying watching the farmers getting in the Harvest. It takes some effort to get food to our plates and we thank them for their hard work once again. We have a ‘Reading’ theme running through much of the magazine this month. Apparently, during this whole Pandemic, the number of people reading books has grown tremendously – including “reading” audio books. Great to see the Book Club (p24) is getting into the ‘grim and dreadful’ Hallowe’en spirit – their
book this month is Wuthering Heights. Enjoy!! Whilst the Pandemic is slowing down, we have been advised to still be careful. What with that, the Truck Driver shortage, and energy companies going bust, life is still a bit fraught. Things will settle eventually, so resist the temptation to be morbid, and enjoy our lovely surroundings. It will pass.

Annie Nason

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