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Editorial – June 2022

Mid Summer! And the sunflowers are beginning to come out now. How poignant this is, remembering their connection with Ukraine. My heart breaks a little more each time I see one. You feel the same, I am sure.

There are lots of interesting articles in this month’s issue, not least those written by our out-going and in-coming Pub Landlords. How exciting! Welcome to the village, Nikki and Robbie. I am sure you will be very happy here. Horsey folks will find a couple of interesting bits here this month.

Be sure to have a good read of our BACK COVER this month. On the Bank Holiday Weekend in August, there is to be a Scarecrow Festival in Christchurch, Tipps End, Euximoor and Christchurch properties along the 16ft. It’s in honour of the 100th edition of THE NEW HERON…. Should be a lot of fun. Get your thinking caps on, whilst drinking Pimms in the sun, and preparing the lovely salad outlined on page 19. Have a great summer!

Annie Nason

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