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Editorial – June 2021

Welcome to our ‘Midsummer’ Edition – we seem to be a month out when it comes to the weather, having had the April showers in May! Let’s hope we get some nice summer weather this month. Many gardens in and around Christchurch are coming into bloom. Everyone is doing their best for the bees (see page 31) and what a result with the recycling (page 7)! Well done to Nate.

You will have noticed that we have 4 extra pages this month. That’s partly because of the great response we have had from our local small businesses taking up the special offer announced in the May edition. Check out our centre pages for their adverts. It’s wonderful that there are so many small enterprises in our area. All the best to all our new advertisers and here’s hoping we can generate some new custom for you all!

Things will soon be looking up in the village when it comes to activities and clubs starting up again in the Community Centre. This is, of course, subject to Government Guidance with regard to June 21st. Things will hopefully now start to return to some sort of normal. All things pass, as they say…. But it’s been a long time coming!

Hope you enjoy this month’s offering.

Annie Nason

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