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Editorial – February 2023

Welcome to our February 2023 Heron. As I write, it’s freezing and foggy outside, but beautiful to look at, you have to admit. My usual habit is of looking at February as a “nothing” sort of month, as it’s still very much winter, and nature doesn’t get going, really, until March, in spite of
climate change effects. Well! I couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to Christchurch. There are lots of things going on in the village this month.

Of particular joy and interest to us all is the forthcoming Youth Club night. Do encourage your youngsters to take part. Well done to Robbie, Nikki and Brenda for taking the initiative here (p 14) and thank you. We wish you all the very best in this venture.

I am sure many of our more “senior” residents will have a chortle at the Flanders and Swan parody (p 12) of Sara Coleridge’s ‘Weather Poem’ (p 8). I had forgotten that Michael Flanders was a wheelchair user. He had suffered from Polio as a child, I believe.

I belong to the WI and the speaker in January was great. Check out their report (p 21) and also the Blood Bikes article (p10).

Happy Valentine’s Day, if you keep it. (p 20).

Annie Nason

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