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Editorial – August 2020

Welcome to our August 2020 edition of The Heron.
This is our village magazine, and this month, once again, a number of villagers have contributed items which are interesting and give us a new look at things from their perspective. This is just as it should be, and I would like to encourage all readers to come forward with ideas, and/or articles.What exciting news there is from our Christchurch Recreation Ground Committee (p14)! Although they aren’t quite there yet with the opening of the Community Centre, the projects that the Committee have gained funding for are amazing! What a difference these will make to our general use and enjoyment of the Community Centre. Impressive!VJ Day is August 15th. Another 75th Anniversary. Enjoy the family stories of experiences of WW2 in the Pacific and the Far East, on pages 27,28. But we also must never forget that the conflict was brought to an end with the use of two Atomic Bombs being dropped by the Western Allies on two cities in Japan. The first, and so far, the last, use of Atomic weapons in warfare. Tragic. Coventry Cathedral is a centre for Reconciliation and this statue is in the old ruins.
Enjoy the magazine!
Annie Nason.

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