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Editorial – December 2021

I love December. It’s a month about looking forward – as Advent Calendars remind us. Of course, many of our articles are reports of events which have already happened, but here in Christchurch, and further afield, there are a lot of nice things to look forward to this year,
compared with December 2020. Although Covid is still with us – and will be so for some time to come, doubtless we can at least get out these days. However, let’s not forget that not everyone is happy in December. Why not support a Charity for The Homeless this year? See our article on Page 24. Many folks will find the Christmas season an emotional challenge, because of bereavement or loss. Check out page 23.

I hope you like our feature “Diary Dates”, where you can have a look at the whole month and see what it is you would like to do or see. Christmas Carols feature this month – and the theme for the Christmas Tree Festival is also Carols. The Welle Cinema is back up and running
again, which many people enjoy.

Here’s hoping that we will all have a warm, and warm hearted, Christmas this year.


Annie Nason

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December 2021