Editorial – September 2021

Hello and welcome to our September edition of The Heron. Be sure to read it through carefully – there are all kinds of things going on in the village now, and further afield. What a great feeling it is, being able to open up a bit after the lockdown miseries!

I notice that several new residents have moved into Christchurch over the past month or so. We welcome you, and wish you all the best as you settle down in our ‘village-that-isn’t-on-the-way-to-anywhere’; a fact that makes it all the more delightful to live in, by the way. You will be experiencing the Harvest Season for the first time here. Be sure to read farmer Jill Bliss’s article on page 24.

We hope you will be able to find a lot of local information you may need through our magazine and do make yourselves known to your neighbours. In my experience, most folks are only too pleased to help out if they can, and if they can’t, they likely will know someone who can.

Enjoy September!
Annie Nason

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