Voluntary Annual Subscription
If you would consider paying a subscription of 12 per year to cover the cost of receiving The Heron delivered to your door, now that we no longer receive a subsidy from the Parish Council, we would be most grateful. Please use the BACS payment listed below, or, drop it in to The Old School, Church Road, or, The Ferns, Padgetts Road.

Annual Postal Subscription
In response to enquiries, we are now offering an annual postal subscription scheme for people living out of the area.

The cost will be £25 per year to cover the magazine, postage and packing.

Click the link to download the pdf form print it and fill it in.

Then return with your subscription fee (cheques made out to Heron Publishing) to:
Mrs L Webster
The Ferns,
Padgetts Road,
PE14 9PL
Tel: 01354 638124

You could scan the completed form and email it to adverts@theheron.info and pay by bank transfer to:
53-81-42 04140109 - please use your surname as the reference